vTrader.io is an online crypto-currency exchange. Building the platform involved great effort in treating event queues, blockchain algorithms and a large amount of penetration testing

Technologies: Java Spring Framework, AngularJS, MySql, Hybernate ORM, Maven


CoinHatch is a whitelabel Sale Management Platform, suitable for ICOs in all stages of development (or sale), and fully compliant for STOs. The solution covers everything from the basic needs of an ICO (smart contract generation, sale stage configurator, KYC verification with multiple options) to advanced configurations and features like in-depth configurable bonuses, promotional codes generation and management, and CMS-style customization for the investor's interface.

Technologies: Angular 6, Symfony, MySql, VueJS, Redis, Memcached, RabbitMQ, Ngix

SCOPE (Supply Chain Orchestration Peer2peer Ecosystem)

SCOPE is a multi-tenant, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that brings together the Food & Beverage value chain participants (Retailers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Suppliers, Farmers, Testing Labs) into an interconnected, dynamic network of participants that expands organically.

Dresohn - ERP

An Enterprise Resource Planning Platform: A platform managing the CRM,HR,Offer/Contracting,Production, Delivery and Business Intelligence of Dresohn (A swiss chain of ventilation ducts factories)

Technologies: PHP, AngularJS, Symfony

PXN - Mobilizer App

Outsourcing and Maintainance Services for political software at PXN GMBH(A Digital Marketing Agency)

Technologies: PHP, Laravel, Ionic


WritingHomework is an educational website which aims to monetize knowledge by providing it's users the means to sell their expertise. Users can propose handshakes, cooperate on projects or offer their guidance in school-related projects.

Technologies: PHP, Symphony Framework, AngularJS, Javascript

What we do

No detail is too small and no challenge is too big. From business to leisure, we got it all covered.


Using only modern technologies, we bring to life even the most daring ideas. We master most modern technologies, such as Angular, React, Vue, Ionic, React Native, Redis, RabbitMQ, and also some older but stable and seeked frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, Spring, etc...


We have been developing on top of blockchain networks since the beginning of 2017. Our direction shifted towards this technology because the evolution of blockchain software development services mimics the early years of the Internet. We have acquired considerable experience in developing smart contracts and integrating blockchain networks with online platforms.


We believe in the marketing power of responsive, retina-ready modern designs, and we provide clients with our best expertise.


We protect and grow your online business with the same highly reliable, cutting-edge security demanded by the world’s busiest website.


Relentless consulting and support are the foundation of every successful website.

Query optimization & high performance computing

With the use of high volume specific technologies, advanced algorithms, and data structures, we will be able to offer the exact level of data computing speed and stability that your business needs.

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